Calvary College Ministry

Calvary College

We gather together every week to praise God for being good in our life, to learn more from His Word, and how we can apply that to our life and to the world around us. We hope to be your church home-away-from-home!

Calvary College meets weekly on Sundays upstairs in room 206 @ 9:45am, and Thursdays in the Sanduskys’ home @ 8:00pm.
Also, we serve and support the community worship ministry of 24/7 and the SFASU BSM.
Please join us weekly for fellowship and teaching as we seek to make the name of Jesus famous on SFASU campus. For more information:


Our awesome College Pastor is Ethan Sandusky. He and his wife Maggie have twin toddlers, Cora & Adelaide. They are passionate about reaching our community with the love of Christ. The Sanduskys host a weekly Life Group meeting for college students at their home on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. Contact us for directions to their house if you'd like to come study with us.


Our Sunday morning Bible Study Leaders are Walt & Karen McGarrett. Walt is currently back in school at SFA, working on a science degree. Karen plays the harp, and is also the church secretary here at Calvary, so if you need anything, give her a call up at the church office!


James Romo is our College & Youth Intern. Romo is rarely found without a smile on his face, and we have come to rely on his servant heart and his love for the Lord. We're SO glad he's chosen to serve here at Calvary!